The venture of DossaniPlus has undoubtedly taken the lead in the industry, positioning itself as the first choice for individuals and businesses alike. It is this deep association that has been built over the years, reminding people of our quality work when it comes to securing our client’s vision.
DossaniPlus Productions is the brainchild of Asmaira T. Dossani, graduate of one of the best film schools of Pakistan and a passionate film-maker. With experience from working under great directors, Asmaira is aware of the nitty-gritties of motion picture. She has so far executed various video production projects for both, international and local clients. In film she believes, no composition is subordinate to another and every carefully designed frame builds up a complete scene. Carrying diverse roles together, Asmaira’s expertise includes that of a director as well as a producer. Our team is ever-growing and ready to take up challenges. We have always believed in keeping our client at the center of our business’ philosophy – our approach is to provide a one-window solution tailored to your needs.